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Putting Your Retina to the Test

Your retina is a small part of your body with a huge job: it translates light into images and sends that information to your brain.

That’s why protecting your retina is so important. At Eye Q Optical, we offer retina evaluations to see if it’s performing its best and detect any issues.

We may include a retina evaluation in your diabetic eye exam, or it may be recommended as an extra step to protect your vision.

What Does the Retina Do?

Your retina is a nerve-filled tissue that lines the back of your eye and contains millions of cells. It transmits to your brain light, color, and everything you see.

Protecting your retina can help preserve your vision.

Why Do I Need an Evaluation?

Our retinal imaging technology provides a clear picture of the health of your retina. Through this image, we can detect eye disease and vision-threatening issues. 

Early detection is key in treating eye health problems early and preventing potential vision loss.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Your macula is located inside of your retina and is responsible for clear central vision. Damage to your macula can happen with age and can cause macular degeneration. We may recommend proper nutritional supplements to help slow the progression of this disease.

Diabetic retinopathy and macular edema are the 2 most common diabetic eye diseases, both affecting your retina. These eye diseases are caused by damage to your blood vessels, which in turn damages your sensitive retina. Diabetic eye exams are your best defense against these problems.

We may recommend a retinal evaluation if you have had recent head trauma or an injury to your face. Detached and torn retinas occur when the retina leaves its normal location at the back of your eye.

Cancers and tumors in your eye are rare but can cause vision impairment if left undetected. Retina evaluations are a helpful tool to help diagnose eye cancers as early as possible.

Diagnostic Evidence

We may recommend you have your retina evaluated after your comprehensive eye exam or if you experience changes in your vision.

Retinal imaging provides evidence if there are any issues with the health of your retina or macula. If you need retinal imaging done, Eye Q Optical has high-quality technologies available to provide you with an immaculate picture of your eye health.

Contact us to have your retina evaluation and imaging done right here in Broward County.

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