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Improving Your Sight With Laser Eye Surgery

If you have been wearing glasses and contact lenses, it’s possible you’ve thought about laser eye surgery.

Eye Q offers laser eye surgery consultations to teach you all about the process and to help determine if this procedure is right for you. A friendly conversation about laser eye surgery awaits!

How it Works

Laser eye surgery is a popular procedure that can help improve your vision. Although it doesn’t always fix vision 100%, it’s a great option for improving your sight.

There are a few different types of laser eye surgery, but the 2 most popular are LASIK and PRK. Both reshape your cornea (the outermost part of your eye) using similar methods.

The main difference is this: LASIK involves cutting a flap in your cornea, reshaping your eye with the laser, and placing the flap back to heal. PRK involves removing the outer layer of the cornea, reshaping your eye with the laser, and leaving it to heal as is.

What’s Best for Me?

The type of laser eye surgery that works best for you will depend on a few factors, like your activity level and desired healing time. 

PRK takes longer to heal, and LASIK may have added risks involved with healing your cornea.

Eye Q has your best vision and eye health in mind, and we are here to help you navigate through the laser eye surgery process. It all starts with a friendly consultation. You can book your consultation to learn more about the entire process and have all of your questions answered by a professional optometrist.

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