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More Than Carrots

We’re sure you’ve heard it before: carrots are good for your eyes.

But, there are so many other things that can nourish your eyes, too. Eye Q is your ocular nutrition hub when it comes to getting the proper nutrients for your eyes.

Our team assesses your eyes and provides the best nutritional recommendations to help preserve your vision based on your unique needs.

Safeguard Your Sight

Some vitamins could be beneficial to your vision. So we may talk to you about the positive impact these may have for you, depending on your situation.

Some eye diseases, like dry eye disease and macular degeneration, hugely benefit from a boost in appropriate vitamins in your diet.

What We Recommend

We are proud to offer nutritional advice to help protect your vision. Here are just some of the rewarding and healthful vitamins in our stock:

  • PRN Dry Eye Formula—This supplement helps promote healthy tears and is especially effective for treating dry eyes. This patented treatment combines healthy omega-3s, vitamin D, and other ingredients to nourish your eyes.
  • Vitamin CEvidence suggests that adding vitamin C into your life can help reduce the risk of developing cataracts and slow the progression of macular degeneration.
  • Vitamin E—This supervitamin is for more than just your skin—it works wonders for your eyes as well. Vitamin E helps protect your eyes from free radicals.
  • Lutein & ZeaxanthinMany studies show that adding lutein and zeaxanthin to your diet can reduce your risk of developing chronic eye diseases, like cataracts.
  • Zinc—Protect your night vision and the crystalline lens in your eye with the power of zinc. This vitamin plays a vital role in delivering vitamin A from your liver to your retina.
  • Omega-3s—These healthy oils are important for visual development and a healthy retina. Omega-3s help reduce inflammation, promote healthy tears, and support the oily outer layer of your eyes.

Give Your Eyes a Boost

Your eye doctor may recommend that you take extra vitamins to help give your eyes the best nutrition possible. We have many nutritional supplements available on our shelves and can help you access high-quality vitamins that your eyes deserve.

Come talk to us today about how you can elevate your eye health and protect your vision with eye nutrition.

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