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Caring for Your Visual Health

A comprehensive eye exam goes beyond whether or not you have clear vision. While your visual acuity is important, we will also look at the health inside your eye. 

Our team is committed to your wellness, so you can trust that we will complete an extensive check-up of your eyes at every visit. Our exams begin with a discussion about your vision, family history, and any pre-existing conditions you may have.

We can go over symptoms you may have and discuss any discomfort or dry eyes you might be experiencing. Our team will assess your current vision needs and provide you with an up-to-date prescription for your glasses. Contact lens wearers will require a contact lens exam to check the health of their corneas and receive a contact lens prescription.

How Often Should I Have My Eyes Checked?

Eye exam frequency will depend on a few factors, including your age and any pre-existing health conditions, like diabetes and hypertension. Children should follow a different eye exam schedule while their eyes are developing.

Adults 19–64

Healthy adults between ages 19–64 should have a comprehensive eye exam at least every 2 years. If you have diabetes, your optometrist may recommend more frequent diabetic eye exams to ensure your eye health is on track.

Adults 65+

Our eyesight and visual health can begin to deteriorate as we age. As a result, it’s crucial to have more frequent eye exams to check for early signs of eye disease. Dr. Wafa can define an eye exam schedule based on your general health, family history, and visual needs.

Why Are Eye Exams Important?

We’re checking more than your sight when you come in for an eye exam. Our team wants to get a clear picture of the health of your eyes using noninvasive tests.

Did you know we can detect other health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancers by looking at the health inside of your eye? Not only that, but regular eye exams can detect early signs of eye diseases, making them easier to treat or manage. The sooner issues are discovered, the sooner we can develop a plan to help preserve your vision.

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